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Dinosaur Stomp!Price: $15.95
Product Id: 420108
Series: Faber Piano Adventures®Publisher: Hal Leonard
Illustrated by Joel E.S. Tanis

In this story, Crystal Bowman and Nancy Faber write with spirit and humor about a prehistoric musical fantasy featuring a boy transported into a land of dinosaurs. Joel Tanis brings his bold, colorful art to the rhyming text for a fun-filled dinosaur tale students will love.

Music NotesPrice: $3.50
The Quick & Easy Guide to Music BasicsProduct Id: 420311
Series: Faber Piano Adventures®Publisher: Hal Leonard
This trifold introductory music chart starts by first asking, “What is Music?” and is then divided into four sections: Rhythm, Melody, Harmony, and Musical Terms and Directions. Clear musical graphics and concise definitions make Music Notes a handy reference for understanding both basic and necessary terminology.

Piano Adventures Flashcards In-a-BoxPrice: $6.95
Product Id: 420218
Series: Faber Piano Adventures®Publisher: Hal Leonard
Each of the 80 color flashcards features a single note followed by two short sightreading exercises. This combination of note drilling and intervalic reading is highly effective in building reading skill.

Piano Adventures PracticeTime Assignment BookPrice: $5.99
Product Id: 420217
Series: Faber Piano Adventures®Publisher: Hal Leonard
The Piano Adventures® PracticeTime Assignment Book is specially designed to optimize both lesson time and practice time. The book can be used effectively at any level of the Piano Adventures® method.

Practice & Progress Lesson NotebookPrice: $5.95
Product Id: 420133
Series: Faber Piano Adventures®Publisher: Hal Leonard
This unique lesson notebook brings forth three ingredients essential for successful practice: time commitment, organized practice, and evaluation. It is a valuable tool that allows student, teacher, and parent to hear and see the quality and quantity of practice on a weekly basis.

The Little Blue Manuscript BookPrice: $3.50
Faber Piano AdventuresProduct Id: 420331
Series: Faber Piano Adventures®Publisher: Hal Leonard
The Little Blue Manuscript Book is the perfect writing companion for students who are progressing through My First Piano Adventure®. With 38 pages of large-sized staffs, teachers and students have plenty of room for writing assignments and exploring composition. But there is more to this handy book than simply blank staffs. Students receive extra support from an eight-page reference section covering note values, essential musical terms, staff orientation, how to draw clefs, and a simple introduction to composing with patterns. At the back of the book, teachers will find two pages of detailed assignment ideas for use in the lesson or for at-home writing.

The Little Yellow Practice BookPrice: $3.50
Product Id: 420330
Series: Faber Piano Adventures®Publisher: Hal Leonard
Young students will be delighted with their first practice book featuring Mrs. Razzle-Dazzle and the “friends at the piano.” Each page features a different scene from My First Piano Adventure® and a keyboard graphic. Students will build healthy practice habits when they color a key each day they practice.


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