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Intros, Endings & Turnarounds for KeyboardPrice: $12.95
Essential Phrases for Swing, Latin, Jazz Waltz, and BluProduct Id: 290525
Series: Keyboard InstructionPublisher: Hal Leonard
Learn the intros, endings and turnarounds that all of the pros know and use! This new keyboard instruction book by John Valerio covers swing styles, ballads, Latin tunes, jazz waltzes, blues, major and minor keys, vamps and pedal tones, and more.

Jazz PianoPrice: $17.95
An In-Depth Look at the Styles of the MastersProduct Id: 311050
Series: Keyboard InstructionPublisher: Hal Leonard
Featuring lessons, music, historical analysis and rare photos, this book/CD pack provides a complete overview of the techniques and styles popularized by 15 of the greatest jazz pianists of all time. All the best are here: from the early ragtime stylings of Ferdinand “Jelly Roll” Morton, to the modal escapades of Bill Evans, through the '70s jazz funk of Herbie Hancock. CD contains 15 full-band tracks.

Jazz Piano TechniquePrice: $19.99
Exercises, Etudes & Ideas for Building ChopsProduct Id: 312059
Series: Keyboard InstructionPublisher: Hal Leonard
This one-of-a-kind book applies traditional technique exercises to specific jazz piano needs. Along with warm-ups, etudes isolate each technical problem within a jazz context. This allows for improvisation, directly addressing the needs of the jazz player. Practicing is not only pragmatic, it's fun! Topics include: scales (major, minor, chromatic, pentatonic, etc.), arpeggios (triads, seventh chords, upper structures), finger independence exercises (static position, held notes, Hanon exercises), parallel interval scales and exercises (thirds, fourths, tritones, fifths, sixths, octaves), and more! The CD includes 45 recorded examples.

Jazz Piano VoicingsPrice: $19.95
An Essential Resource for Aspiring Jazz MusiciansProduct Id: 310914
Series: Keyboard InstructionPublisher: Hal Leonard
The jazz idiom can often appear mysterious and difficult for musicians who were trained to play other types of music. Long-time performer and educator Rob Mullins helps players enter the jazz world by providing voicings that will help the player develop skills in the jazz genre and start sounding professional right away – without years of study! Includes a “Numeric Voicing Chart,” chord indexes in all 12 keys, info about what range of the instrument you can play chords in, and a beginning approach to bass lines.

Jazz-Blues PianoPrice: $17.99
The Complete Guide with CD!

Hal Leonard Keyboard
Product Id: 311243
Series: Keyboard InstructionPublisher: Hal Leonard
This comprehensive book/CD pack will teach you the basic skills needed to play jazz-blues piano. From comping to soloing, you'll learn the theory, the tools, and the tricks used by the pros. The accompanying CD features many of the examples in the book performed either solo, or with a full band, including a full chapter of complete songs. Topics covered include: scales and chords • harmony and voicings • progressions and comping • melodies and soloing • characteristic stylings.

Jazz-Rock Keyboard – The Complete Guide with CD!Price: $17.95
The Hal Leonard Keyboard Style SeriesProduct Id: 290536
Series: Keyboard InstructionPublisher: Hal Leonard
Learn what goes into mixing the power and drive of rock music with the artistic elements of jazz improvisation in this comprehensive book and CD package. This instructional tool delves into scales and modes, and how they can be used with various chord progressions to develop the best in soloing chops. The book also provides an introduction to rhythmic comping styles and chord voicing, providing the player with the skills needed to really groove. The accompanying CD features 94 tracks with both solo keyboard and full-band arrangements, demonstrating many of the examples in the book.

Jazz-Rock Piano ChopsPrice: $16.99
Firing Up Your TechniqueProduct Id: 119628
Series: Keyboard InstructionPublisher: Hal Leonard
Get a complete jazz-rock piano workout as you develop your rhythmic feel, dexterity, hand coordination and voicing skills as you work through the fun, authentic examples in this book. The pieces will help you use your jazz-rock piano technique in a musical, stylistically effective way. Each music sample is recorded at several tempos, so you can choose the one that's right for you as you play along with the jazz-rock rhythm section on the CD.

Keyboard Chords DeluxePrice: $7.99
Full-Color Photos & Diagrams for Over 900 ChordsProduct Id: 311326
Series: Keyboard InstructionPublisher: Hal Leonard
This beautiful and informative resource is a must for all piano students and players! It contains easy-to-read chord diagrams, easy-to-see full-color photos, basic chord theory, treble and bass clef notation, a chord symbol chart, and much more.

Latin Jazz PianoPrice: $17.99
Hal Leonard Keyboard Style SeriesProduct Id: 311345
Series: Keyboard InstructionPublisher: Hal Leonard
This book is divided into three sections. The first covers Afro-Cuban (Afro-Caribbean) jazz, the second section deals with Brazilian influenced jazz – Bossa Nova and Samba, and the third contains lead sheets of the tunes and instructions for the play-along CD. The Afro-Cuban section contains a chapter on some basic concepts of traditional Afro-Cuban music, including the clave, tumbao, and montuno. Also, there is a chapter on typical piano voicing used in Afro-Cuban music Latin jazz in general. Next is a chapter on typical comping patterns used in various Afro-Cuban styles such as Mambo, Cha-cha, etc. The last chapter in this section features tunes written in these various styles and arranged for lead instrument, piano and bass, piano lead, and piano solo. The next section on Brazilian-related jazz begins with a chapter on the many varied rhythms typically used in comping for Bossa Novas and Sambas, and concludes with a chapter featuring tunes arranged in the same ways as the first section. The third section contains lead sheets of all the tunes so the reader can play and improvise on them along with the accompanying CD. The reader is encourage to continual change the way he or she plays these tunes and apply the principles found in this book to other tunes in the Latin jazz repertoire.

Modern Jazz PianoPrice: $19.95
An Intermediate Guide to Jazz Concepts, Improvisation, Product Id: 311144
Series: Keyboard InstructionPublisher: Hal Leonard
Jazz pianist Sarah Jane Cion teaches the foundational concepts behind the wonderful world of jazz music. Modern Jazz Piano covers what every aspiring jazz pianist needs to know: jazz theory, harmony, rhythm, improvisation and more. The accompanying CD provides 15 full-band tracks to go along with the transcriptions inside the book.

“As a pianist, I've gained tons of knowledge from this book. As a publisher, I wish I had it in our catalog of published books. As a jazz fan, I can only say that Sarah Jane's CDs are on my most-listened-to shelf. If she is ever playing in your area, drop everything and go!”

– Ed Shanaphy, Editor, Piano Today Magazine

“Sarah Jane Cion has written a book which is clear, concise, easy to understand, practical and – most of all – fun to use.”

– Kenny Barron

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