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Adventures in Music Reading for ViolinPrice: $7.95
Product Id: 00-0619
Series: Publisher: Alfred Music Publishing
William Starr's second book in this outstanding series of "adventures" provides a wealth of help to the beginning violinist. Like Book 1, it is designed to help early music readers understand the basic skills of scales, keys, pitch, and rhythm in a presentation written for adults to explain to children. The music is organized by scale, key, and finger patterns, allowing the student to learn through repetition of these patterns. The book has specific step-by-step activity suggestions, and enjoyable duets and folk music are included throughout. Book 1 is available as item 00-0618. Book 3 is available as item 00-0665.

Adventures in Music Reading for ViolinPrice: $7.99
Product Id: 00-0665
Series: Publisher: Alfred Music Publishing
Renowned Suzuki pedagogue William Starr continues his valuable teaching series with this third volume. The goals of this series are to help young violinists to become good sight-readers and good "working-out" readers, and to make music reading fun, with folk and classical music presented in duets for ensemble enjoyment. New keys and finger extensions are logically introduced to greatly accelerate reading in positions; especially noteworthy is the section devoted to recognition of and fingering for intervals. This is a resource book to be used again and again! Book 1 is available as item 00-0618. Book 2 is available as item 00-0619.

After Hours for Violin and PianoPrice: $13.80
Product Id: 12-0571523560
Series: Faber Edition: After HoursPublisher: Alfred Music Publishing
Following on from the very successful After Hours piano volumes, Pam Wedgwood has now penned eight atmospheric pieces for the intermediate violinist. They are ideal for teacher or pupil and provide a perfect follow-on for those that have used and enjoyed Pam's highly acclaimed Jazzin' About series. The book contains piano accompaniments, but for extra sophistication a CD of backing tracks is also included. Each piece within the collection has two different backing tracks: the first (full performance) includes the backing track along with the instrumental melody; the second (backing only) presents the backing track alone. The full performance track is provided to help the player to the learn the melody and its interaction with the accompaniment; the melody is played on a marimba to avoid dominating the acoustic 'live' instrument for those players who choose to play along with this version of the backing. Titles include: Call it a day * Sliding Doors * The Friends * Falling * Summer Nights * Come Dance with Me * Remember When * Survivor

Air Varié in D Minor, Op. 1Price: $5.95
Product Id: 49008684
Series: SchottPublisher: Hal Leonard
For violin and piano.

Alfred's Care Kit Complete: Strings (Violin & Viola)Price: $19.99
Product Id: 99-1474090
Series: Alfred's Care Kit CompletePublisher: Alfred Music Publishing
The Strings Care Kit assembles everything you need to properly clean and maintain your instrument, featuring the best music-educator-approved cleaning products carefully selected to create one quick and convenient package. Kit includes: polish cloth, dark rosin, plain, white hanky, Luthier's Choice instrument polish, and Luthier's Choice peg compound.

American Patriotic Tunes for String EnsemblePrice: $7.99
Product Id: 00-37311
Series: Publisher: Alfred Music Publishing
Just for strings! Flexible instrumentation for small ensembles, mixed grade levels, or the string orchestra. Perfectly arranged at an intermediate level. The violin and viola books include the melody and two harmony lines, while the cello and bass books include the melody, a harmony line, and a bass line. Mix and match! Titles: America (My Country, 'Tis of Thee) * America the Beautiful * When Johnny Comes Marching Home * The Star Spangled Banner * Over There * The Army Goes Rolling Along * Battle Hymn of the Republic * Marines' Hymn * Battle Cry of Freedom * The Yankee Doodle Boy * Columbia, the Gem of the Ocean * American Patrol * You're a Grand Old Flag * Semper Fidelis. "This compilation of 14 patriotic songs is well-suited for special performances not traditionally covered in string repertoire." -Ken Tonaki, The Instrumentalist

Andante Con VariazioniPrice: $12.25
Product Id: 12-0571511155
Series: Faber EditionPublisher: Alfred Music Publishing
This charming and humorous set of variations, originally for mandolin and keyboard, is arranged here for violin and piano by the distinguished performer Steven Isserlis. Originally composed in 1796 when Beethoven was twenty-six, it shows the young genius at his most elegant. The work is ideally suited to the violin which has the same tuning as the mandolin. It will make a valuable addition to the repertoire of the more advanced player.

Andantino e MenuettoPrice: $9.95
for Violin and PianoProduct Id: 49014802
Series: SchottPublisher: Hal Leonard

Antonio Stradivari: His Life & Work (1644-1737)Price: $14.95
Product Id: 06-204251
Series: Dover EditionPublisher: Alfred Music Publishing
A great work of musicology. Discusses string instrument construction methods, woods, varnishes, known instruments, types of instruments, life, special features. Introduction by Sydney Beck. 68 illustrations plus 4 color plates. 315 pgs.

AutumnalPrice: $12.25
Product Id: 12-0571505848
Series: Faber EditionPublisher: Alfred Music Publishing
Knussens wastes not a note, and though the work lasts only for seven minutes, its density of thought suggests something of sonata structure. - Paul Griffiths, Musical Times, January 1981

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