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25 Melodious & Progressive StuPrice: $4.95
Product Id: 404585
Series: WillisPublisher: Hal Leonard

30 Pieces in 30 Keys, Book 1Price: $2.95
Later Elementary to Early Intermediate LevelProduct Id: 414993
Series: WillisPublisher: Hal Leonard
Original one-page solos.

4 Indian Love Lyrics – Less than DustPrice: $1.95
Early Intermediate LevelProduct Id: 415759
Series: WillisPublisher: Hal Leonard

4 Indian Love Lyrics – The Temple BellsPrice: $1.95
Early Intermediate LevelProduct Id: 415758
Series: WillisPublisher: Hal Leonard

4 Indian Love Lyrics – Till I WakePrice: $1.95
Early Intermediate LevelProduct Id: 415761
Series: WillisPublisher: Hal Leonard
A lugubrious expressive arrangement based on the following lyric:

When I am dying, lean over me tenderly, softly,

Stoop, as the yellow roses droop

In the wind from the South;

So I may when I wake, if there be an awakening,

Keep, what lulled me to sleep,

The touch of your lips on my mouth.

5 Easy DuetsPrice: $7.99
Early to Mid-Elementary LevelProduct Id: 138687
Series: WillisPublisher: Hal Leonard
Kids of all ages will love performing these simple, winning duets by Carolyn Miller! When young students perform collaboratively it encourages listening and social skills from the earliest level, and any of these five easy equal-part duets would contribute to a wonderful ensemble experience. Titles: Clap Your Hands • Hopscotch • Autumn Waltz • The Penguins • The Traveling Caravan.

6 Miniatures in Slavic StylePrice: $4.95
Mid-Intermediate LevelProduct Id: 406635
Series: WillisPublisher: Hal Leonard
Description: This collection is a group of short solo pieces based on dance forms with modern harmonies and original melodies by the composer.

Purpose: To expose serious pianists to challenges in ornamentation and very expressive phrasing as well as contrasts in tempo and dynamics.

Suggestions for Instruction: Pay great attention to tempo and dynamic changes in each movement. Emphasize expression in each piece and keep tempi well controlled: do not rush. There should be great flexibility of tempo in the Mazurka in particular.

Key: Various

A Bicycle Built for TwoPrice: $1.95
Mid-Elementary LevelProduct Id: 415776
Series: WillisPublisher: Hal Leonard

A Break in the CloudsPrice: $2.99
Later Elementary LevelProduct Id: 125696
Series: WillisPublisher: Hal Leonard
This easy, patterned piece is evocative of dreamy, cloudy days. Wonderfully written in an ambiguous key.

A Cabin in the WoodsPrice: $1.95
Later Elementary LevelProduct Id: 416385
Series: WillisPublisher: Hal Leonard

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